Real Estate Movers LTD - Calgary Moving Services understands that your belongings are of a great value to you. Consequently moving them to your new home we do with the greatest care. We cover them with protective fabrics and strap them up so they’re safe and snug in our truck. Our expert movers handle them with delicacy and our stuff will ensure every part of your move is stress-free. local moving services

Whether your business is relocating, you require goods to be moved from a warehouse, or need to transport large items to a convention center, Calgary Moving Services is here to help.  We guarantee affordable prices, flexible hours and years of experience. You can trust us to move your business onwards and upwards. Contact Local movers office today +1 (877) 992 - 4766

We can provide an unlimited supply of boxes with free delivery anywhere within the Calgary area! In addition, you pay absolutely nothing for the boxes until after the move! You only pay for the ones you’ve used. Which means, if you requested more boxes, than you actually used - don't worry we won’t charge you for the unused ones.  House Moving, Apartment Moving, Commercial Moving

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Ask about Three Men and a Truck if Needed.


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  • Local & Long Distance Moving

  • Complete Packing & Unpacking

  • Assembly & Disassembly of Furniture


With blankets to protect your furniture supplied free. No matter what kind of move is that: House Moving, Apartment Moving or Commercial Moving. Check how we take furniture apart, wrap it, carry it onto the 5 tonne truck and stack it. Also, see what equipment and packing supplies we use during this move. 4 wheel dollies were very handy at the drop off address which saved us a lot of time on the distance of 400 ft from the truck to the apartment. As a result, the customers were very happy and tipped the crew!


​You only pay for the amount of time that you need + 1 hour of travel time to pay for the crew to come from the yard to the job site and back (within Calgary and Edmonton only).  If you go between these two cities, you pay for 3 hours of travel time. If there is long distance moves, a flat rate will be given which will be based on loading/offloading time, driving time, fuel and commercial permits to go to other provinces.​ Local movers.


REAL ESTATE MOVERS LTD have Goods In Transit Insurance along with Public Liability Insurance. Rest assured, if our movers  are negligent and damage your property, you are fully covered. If you have any delicate or fragile items such as IKEA furniture or items that were originally flat-packed, our Local movers will try point these out to you as they might not be suitable for transport. We also recommend for events that occur outside of our control, to take our your own insurance policy.

At Real Estate Movers LTD , your opinion counts!

If you’ve have been happy with our service we would love to hear from you.
Liji George
Liji George
02:49 07 Aug 18
Glad to share my experience with real estate movers, " They do care about us and our stuff, Victor being the head of the crew." I am really glad that, none of my stuff were damaged and misplaced. It reached Vancouver the next day as they had promised. I didn't have any worries about the packing, as they offer that too, at a genuine rate. Others in the company are very polite and patient in dealing with customers. I would recommend them for anybody who is moving from Calgary. They are reasonable and very efficient.
Jeff Kriz
Jeff Kriz
02:27 22 Jul 18
Great job by Anton and Igor moving us out of a rather ‘difficult’ condo building and into our house. They were very careful and efficient. Would definitely recommend giving them a call to make for a stress-free move.
Michal Almog
Michal Almog
15:23 16 Apr 18
Recently used this company for my move from my rental to my new house. Real Estate Movers were the two men that came to move us. We moved all our boxes and smaller items, we just needed help moving our larger furniture. They definitely took care of this. We ended up taking 2 trips instead of 1 trip because they had said it would take longer to rearrange the truck to fit everything in it than to take 2 quick trips. We were fine with doing this, but I'm not sure if it really did take less time or not. They were done in 4 hours so it worked out great. Thanks guys!
John Nesbitt
John Nesbitt
15:43 16 Aug 18
Real Estate Movers were everything you would want for a move. Moving is not fun and having questionable people doing it is scary, but Anton, Nick and Ralph were efficient, friendly, and very professional. They had all of the right equipment and worked very hard to get the job done right. We would use them again and highly recommend them for your moving.
Mariko S
Mariko S
03:48 26 Jun 18
Great experience with Real Estate Movers. They were very easy to deal with and made me feel like they really valued my business. They went above and beyond and I would highly recommend them.
TeaTime WithRobbie
TeaTime WithRobbie
02:12 18 Sep 18
Very professional, polite and understanding! Where I moved to had only one working elevator for 19 floors and on a Saturday... We couldn't block the only working elevator so they had to work around the issue and they did, VERY professionally. No damage to anything! I would absolutely recommend this company for any moves, near or far.
21:13 19 Sep 18
Victor and Nicolas are the best movers you will find. Courteous, efficient and careful with your belongings. I would not use anyone else : )
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Late bookings special if you are moving in the next 7days. -$109 per hour for Two men and a Truck -$139 per hour for Tree men and a Truck -+ 1 Hour of Travel Time. -Any Size Truck.

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